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MyDay daily disposable

Eye BC/DIAPWR Quantity
OD (Right Eye)
OS (Left Eye)
Total: 0.00/ (0)
Delivery date: Usually 3~5 days

108.60 / 120,000
- 3.4%

MyDay daily disposable

MyDay daily disposables are Coopervision's latest contacts lenses made with a unique material called Smart Silicone, which maximizes oxygen delivery to the cornea. The daily lens also offer high moisturization making for a softer lens and a comfortable wearing experience. An ultraviolet radiation blocker helps protect wearers’ eyes, limiting 75% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays.


  • Lens Type
  • Daily disposable
  • Package Details
  • 30 Lenses per box
  • Water Content
  • Provides the eyes with 54% of available water content%
  • Manufacturer
  • CooperVision