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About Us
We are an exporter of contact lenses and provide an easy-to-use online store for customers. Our system will take your order and send you email updates as your order is processed and shipped. You can also contact us via email or through our website, should you have any questions concerning your order. Please note that it is your responsibility to use the contact lenses as directed by the manufacturer and we do not hold responsibility for any problems derived from misuse. We also strongly suggest having your eyes checked periodically or as directed by your physician upon using contact lenses.
Our sales history
Since 2003, we have sold over 6 million boxes of lenses in the Asian, Pacific markets. Our goal is to provide customers with quality lenses, excellent service/support, competitive prices, and the convenience of online shopping.
A guarantee of quality
All products are fully certified by the manufacturer. We take every precaution during the packaging and shipping of your lenses, but it is important for you to verify the integrity of the internal packaging before wearing the lenses.