Below are most frequently asked questions about shopping at LENS-TOP.
    Please feel free to ask us more through Ask Us at the top of the page.

Q How can I order?
A You need to create an account with LENS-TOP first.
After you have created an account, please sign in and follow the below process.
Q How can I join?
A Please follow the below procedure to join us.
Q What is customs ID?
A Customs ID is an ID number you can get issued from your government official customs website.
It will be used during the customs clearance process and therefore we require all of our customers to provide one.
Please visit the following website to find out more: https://p.customs.go.kr/
Providing us with a recipient information and customs ID that does not match will result in delaying the customs clearance process,
ultimately delaying the delivery of your package. Please make sure to enter your legal name as recipient of the package.
Q Has my order been placed properly?
A You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly after you have completed your order.
Please make sure to check your SPAM inbox if you do not receive any confirmation email from us
and contact us if you still did not receive a confirmation email from us.
Q How can I edit or cancel a placed order?
A Please contact us immediately to see if we can fix your order. In case your order has already been shipped,
we will only be able to exchange or cancel your order after you pay the shipping fee for the returned item and the resent item.
We will be able to exchange or cancel your order only after we received the returned item.
* Additional shipping costs caused by the customer will be at your expense .
Q What kind of conditions apply for returns or exchanges?
A We only accept returned items when you find a defective lens.
You may exchange merchandise when you made a mistake placing your order but additional shipping costs will be at your expense.
Q When will my order be delivered? Can I check the status of my order?
A Provided the lenses are in stock, we typically deliver within 3 to 5 working days.
Some monthly and color lenses might take up to 10 to 20 days to deliver.
While arrival of toric lenses to our facilities might take up to about one month,
others are typically restocked within a week and will be delivered promptly.
You can visit Track Orders to obtain an estimated arrival date.
Q My package has been sent to a wrong address.
A You are required to enter a postal code for each order.
Since each package is categorized by the postal code there is a chance that your package might be sent
to a wrong region if a wrong postal code has been entered.

Your package will still be sent to the correct address in the end, but might take more time to deliver.

We are not able to change the shipping address and postal code after shipping out the package.
Therefore we strongly recommend to double check your postal code upon finishing the order.
Q Where can I find my prescription data?
A Your contact lens box contains the information you need such as power, diameter and base curve.
You need to use the newest prescription provided by your eye care professionals.
Q Are BC and PWR different depending on the lens manufacturer?
A Because of global standards, all manufacturers must use the same notation for PWR and BC.
However, lens size, thickness, design and processing methods are different depending on the brand and the manufacturer.
(If your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, your view will be different depending upon the manufacturer.)
We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your physician and following his/her guidance on lens selection.
Q Is it possible to use contact lenses if the DIA is different from my prescription data?
A We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your eye doctor and only with his/her agreement should you use lenses with different DIA.
Q I can not find lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) in the POWER list.
A The lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) and progressive lenses are currently not available at our website.
Q Do I need to have my eyes examined before purchasing contact lenses?
A Yes, contact lenses are medical devices and your eyes must be examined by a certified lens care professional
before purchasing our merchandise. Additionally, you need to follow the manufacturer's
instructions and any guidance/instructions given to you by your eye care professional.
Q Can I wear contact lenses continuously?
A Even if you are wearing contact lenses which are designed to be worn for multiple days
and nights you should periodically remove them for cleaning or if you notice any irritation.
Of course, the most important thing is to follow the instructions of your physician.
Q I cannot view the website correctly.
A Our website is designed to work best with Internet Explorer 8 or higher.
If you are using old version of Internet Explorer please update to the latest browser for your system.
If you still have a problem, please refer to the following link to check your settings.